Female Bodybuilding

Something that always makes me laugh a whole lot is when girls are told things like “you shouldn’t squat, bench press or deadlift, just use this.”

Pink dumbbells are not for girls, they are to be used as door stops, my girlfriend squats just under 400lbs, going to tell her that she shouldn’t squat? She’s won best “ass” contests, and is modeling now, due to her success, female bodybuilding is brilliant.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a Figure model, A power lifter, a weight lifter, or a bodybuilder, whatever you want you need to do the same things, you need to lift heavy, hard, often and work your ass off!

The main lifts anyone wanting to either lose weight and or build muscle wants to do for female bodybuilding is the same as men

You want to focus on the big heavy strong compound lifts.

The squat is a great exercise, you find any other exercise that is capable of building or adding as much muscle mass as the squat.

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